ProCurve and HP E-Series hidden commands

Some vendors, like Cisco uses commands that are hidden, and undocumented. ProCurve has a complete command line interface mode with these commands and in this brief post, I will give you a glance of what everything can be found there. For this I used ProCurve/HP E-Series 3500 switch, on other platforms the commands can be different.

ProCurve/E-Series 3500 Switch hidden commands
ProCurve/E-Series 3500 Switch hidden commands

WARNING: These commands can have very negative effect on devices in production and I do not bear any responsibility for using these commands on your devices. Use at your own risk!

You can enter this mode by typing “edomtset” two times, on the second time a warning message will come out and the command prompts will change from “#” to “$”. The output behind was generated with typical “?”.

ATTENTION: You are entering a diagnostic mode on this product that is HP
Confidential and Proprietary. This mode, the commands and functionality
specific to this mode, and all output from this mode are HP Confidential
and Proprietary. You may use this mode only by specific permission of, and
under the direction of, an HP support engineer or HP technical engineer.
Unauthorized or improper use of this mode will be considered by HP to be
unauthorized modification of the product, and any resulting defects or
issues are not eligible for coverage under the HP product warranty or any

 logout                Terminate this console/telnet session.
 redundancy-verify     Enter Redundancy Verify Context Level or execute a
                       Redundancy Verifyspecific command.
 slot                  Enter Slot Context Level or execute a Slot specific
 standby               Enter Standby MM Context Level or execute a Standby
                       specific command.
 DEBUGIO               Redirects output from all printf()'s to the screen
 FORCE_REDRAW          Forces the redraw of field labels in config screens
 LABprototype          Change LAB Prototype status
 UPTIMESHOW            Shows time the switch has been up
 DATAProtshow          Show information on all dataProt semaphores
 HW                    enter hw context
 MSGPoolshow           Dumps the MSG pool
 PKTPoolshow           Dumps the PKT pool
 BUFSHOW               Dumps a MSG or PKT buffer
 PKTpoolStatsShow      Show the PKT pool allocation statistics
 MSGpoolStatsShow      Show the MSG pool allocation statistics
 PKTPoolDatashow       Dumps the PKT pool data
 PKTpoolcrashifless    Crash if pkt pool goes below this
 CRASHData             Show crash information
 CRASHLogfileshow      Show all recorded crash records
 CRASHLOGTest          Crash Log Test: crashLogTest -[b][i][I][s][f][a][o][u]b
                       = Bus/Address Error, i = Infinite loop with tasks
                       locked, I = HW watchdog resets = task Infinite loop, f
                       = FATAL, a = ASSERTo = operation fault (illegal inst.)
                       u = unaligned instr
 CRASHLOGClear         Clear Crash Log: crashLogClear
 EVENTLogfileshow      Show contents of the event log file
 clientServerInfoShow  Information on registered Servers
 clientServerConnShow  Information on registered Client-Server connections
 devIdleStatsShow      Display devIdle stats
 devIdleStatsClear     Clears devIdle stats
 SVCDEVshow            Show the SVC devices
 ghs                   GHS debug console
 sortStack             Show a list of tasks sorted by stack base memory
 searchmemory          search for a value in a memory range
 ltintegrationTimer    View or set the ghs lt stats measure interval
 PORTSETDescriptorS... Display contents of a portset desc
 MSGCOUNTERSshow       Show DMA msg counters
 MSGSYSSTATUSShow      Show msgs queued up for slaves and top owner
 EXCeption-ignore      Manage the exception list
 RTCHeck-ignore        Manage the run-time check ignore list
 proteusClean          clean the memory (set it to default state)
 proteusCheckLicenses  Shows status of license
 DMACpuCountersShow    DMA counter dump.
 DMAdetailedCounter... Detailed DMA counter dump.
 dmaSetAsyncPolling... Set Async Polling time/pkts values
 dmaAsyncPollingShow   Shows async polling data
 bsptemp               Get temp reading in degrees centigrade: bsptemp
 sriread               SRI read
 sriwrite              SRI write
 rtcgettime            RTC gettime
 rtcsettime            RTC settime
 rtcgetdate            RTC getdate
 rtcsetdate            RTC setdate
 airdir                Report Chassis Airflow Direction
 fanspeed              Set/Clear Fax Max State
 I2CTEMP               Read Temperature (in Deg.
 I2CADC                Read raw PS Isrc ADC count from POWER/PORT side hw
 psload                Read Isrc and Wattage Load from Chassis PS(es)
 setcardpmask          setcardpmask <uint32_t slots> <bool state>
 cleanupslots          cleanupslots
 pwrsavectrl           pwrsavectrl <blockNum> <up/dwn>; blockNum = 1,2,3; up =
                       1, dwn = 0
 pwrsavequery          pwrsavequery (no args)
 powersupply           Checks the specified powersupply
 VERsion               Display firmware version stamp
 ROMVERsion            Display ROM Version
 SETTERM               set the terminal to vt100 or ASCII
 TIMERTEST             test the svc timer
 BOOTCOUNTER           Number of times this switch has been powered up.
 HReset                Hard Reset of the Switch
 STREBOOT              Reboot to Benchmode
 GETOS                 GETOS <ipaddr> <remote-file>
 UPDMAC                Update the MAC address (AABBCC-DDEEFF) :
 UPDMACNUM             Update the number of MAC addresses
 SLOTTRACE             Displays the slot power up record
 SRIshow               Displays the sri log info
 CRASHTOFILE           Set/clear the flag to write crash to a file
 Read                  Read memory: r [MOPT] <ADDR>
 WR                    Write memory: w [MOPT] <ADDR> <VALUE>
 FILL                  Fill memory: fill [MOPT] <ADDR> <ADDR> <VALUE>
 UPDSN                 Update the Serial Number
 UPDHWMODEL            Update the hw model
 UPDMFG                Update the specified manufacturing info
 CLRMFG                Clear the specified manufacturing info
 LED                   Turn all possible LEDs [on|blink|off]
 SMode                 Set Memory Mode: sm [-l<READ_LENGTH> -b -h -w -a<bhw>
                       -d<bhw> -n -i -c -s] Set default memory operation modes
 USBTEST               USB device test.
 USBHOTSWAP            USB hotswap test.
 USBDIAG               Execute diagnostic test[s].
 USBFIVEON             Manually turn on 5v to USB.
 USBFIVEOFF            Manually turn off 5v to USB.
 USBSTATUS             Manually get status of USB.
 USBENUM               Enumerate USB port.
 STMGMTMODSTATUS       Redundant management module status
 STMGMTMODSETACTIVE    Redundant management module set active.
 TRIAGE_ERROR          Fabric error triage debug
 NSRSHOW               Shows namespace statistic
 NSSHOW                Shows namespace objects info
 NSTASKSHOW            Show namespace info about tasks
 taskUsageShow         Show task-specific estimated CPU usage
 taskUsageGroupStat... Show group summarized estimated CPU usage
 taskUsageGroupMapS... Show task name to group mappings
 taskUsageSet          Set taskUsage parameters
 taskTimeShow          Show task time used since boot/reset
 taskTimeClear         Reset total task time used
 assertCountersShow    Show ASSERT counters
 assertCountersClear   Clear ASSERT counters
 tlvShowCounts         display TLV context stats
 dType                 debug type set/clear
 nvfserase             Erase all files in filesystem
 nvfsfill              Fill up the filesystem
 nvfsdir               Display nvfs directory contents
 LLshow                Detailed directory listing: llShow <filesystem (eg.
 LSshow                Directory listing: lsShow <filesystem (eg.
 FS                    File system commands
 triageshow            Show triage information
 RFSFiletable          dump rfs file table
 RFSshow               dump rfs global status
 RFSLogshow            dump rfs log
 POE_DEBUG             Change the POE Debug level.
 POE_CHASSIS_SHOW      Show the Powered Chassis structure in detail.
 POE_POWER_TOGGLE      Enable/Disable POE power to the slot
 POE_REDUNDANCY        Set the POE Redundancy mode to none, n+1 or full.
 power-supply          Shows power supply information.
 temperature-info      Shows Temperature probe information.
 fan-info              Shows Fan information.
 iclShow               Show ICL information
 CHASSISshow           Show various chassis information
 chassisRdMgmtShow     Show chassis redundant mgmt information
 CHASSISMGRSlotsshow   Show the status of the slots
 CHASSISMGRHeartbeat   Enable/Disable the Chassis Heartbeat
 CHASSISHeartbeatCn... Print the Chassis Heartbeat Counters
 chassisSimImSlotFa... Causes next interface module that somes up to fail
 chassismgrbeacon      Set the LED Beacon map and state
 fabricfail            Simulates a Fabric Failure
 fabrichotswap         Simulates a Fabric hotswap [0|1] [0 = out, 1=in]
 mgmthotswap           Simulates a Management hotswap [0|1] [0 = out, 1=in]
 chassisftsd           Enable (1) / Disable (0) Fan Tray Shutown, no args
                       gives status
 S_CFG                 Display Cage: s_cfg
 WATCHDOG              set watchdog parameters
 MEMWATCH              set the wp
 CPUMSGTST             Set up a message stream between master and slave
 STARTMSGTST           Start cpu traffic
 STOPMSGTST            Stop cpu traffic
 RPTMSGTST             Print report of cpu traffic
 LISTMSGTST            List ID's of current traffic conversations
 REMMSGTST             Stop and remove (clean-up) a cpu traffic ID
 SLOTRELOAD            Reloads product code to the blade
 GREENSLOTPOWERDOWN    Brings Down the Power to the blade
 GREENSLOTPOWERON      Brings back up the Power to the blade
 GREEN_SLOTPOWER_SC... Prints the Slotpowerdown Scheduled Array
 GREENLEDPOWERSAVEOFF  Turns back on the Blade LEDs
 GREENPHYPOWERSAVEON   Puts PHY to AUTO low power mode
 GREENPHYPOWERSAVEOFF  Puts PHY to normal power mode
 I2CREAD               Read from the specified PPC I2C device and register
 I2CWRITE              Write to the specified PPC I2C device and register
 instTest              Test instrumentation counters and gauges
 instTestSvcTime       Test instrumentation service response timing API
 aqTcamMasterShow      AQ TCAM Mgr Master Info
 DOSPREVStatsShow      Display dosPrev stats
 DOSPREVConfigShow     Display dosPrev config
 DOSPREVDisable        Disable dosPrev
 DOSPREVEnable         Enable dosPrev
 asicMgrFilterInfoS... Display asicMgr info on filters
 asicMgrMirrorInfos... Display info on mirror port
 ADDRMGRShow           Display global addrmgr data/stats
 ADDRMGRMcastinfoshow  Display addrmgr info on multicast
 ADDRMGRFilterinfos... Display addrmgr info on filters
 ADDRMGRFEATURESinf... Display addrmgr info on features
 ADDRMGRCOSinfoshow    Display addrmgr info on COS
 ADDRMGRPORTSECurit... Display addrmgr info on port security
 ADDRMGRTrunkinfoshow  Display addrmgr info on trunks
 ADDRMGRMeshinfoshow   Display addrmgr info on meshs
 ADDRMGRVlaninfoshow   Display addrmgr info on vlan
 ADDRMGRPortinfoshow   Display addrmgr info on port
 ADDRMGRRLinfoshow     Display addrmgr info on rate limits
 ADDRMGRMOVEList       L2 move list
 ADDRMGRMirrorinfos... Display addrmgr info on mirrors
 DISABLE_LEARNS        disable all learns on the switch
 ENABLE_LEARNS         enable learns again on the switch
 ADDRMGRMASTERMACta... Display the master copy of MAC table
 ADDRMGRSEARCHMacSu... Displays all addrs that match sub str
 ADDRMGRMACTABLEInf... Displays MAC table counters
 HW_Learns             Display distribution of learns on HW
 addrmgrRdMgmtShow     Show L2 addrmgr redundant data
 PMGRTRKcfgshow        Displays the Trunk Cfg Information
 PMGRPPtableshow       Displays the Physical Port table
 PMGRPPtableshowAll    Displays all the Physical Port table
 PMGRLPtableshow       Displays the Logical Port table
 PMGRLPtableshowAll    Displays all the Logical Port table
 PMGRTRUnktableshow    Displays the Trunk table
 PMGRPOrtmapsshow      Displays all global PMGR port maps
 LPMGRDisablelogica... Disable logical port for specified number of seconds
 vlanInfoShow          Information about all vlans
 vlsCountersShow       Show VLS counters
 vlsClearCounters      Clear / Zero VLS counters
 portVlanInfoShow      Information about vlan ports
 vlsProtoCountersshow  Show VLS protocol RX counters
 vlsProtoClearCount... Clear VLS protocol counters
 portEgressListShow    Information on Port Egress List
 VLANUNTRUSTEDlists... Lists all untrusted vlans
 VOICEVLANShow         Information on voice vlan
 TPVIDshow             List temporary Pvid Information
 VLANAttrShow          List attributes for specified VLAN
 LACPAggregatorinfo... Display LACP info on Aggregators
 LACPPortinfoshow      Display LACP info on Ports
 LACPClearpducounters  Clear Rx and Tx PDU counters
 LACPResourceCleaning  Remove port from trunk or remove trunk
 PA                    PA <show|set|init> show [port-number] [counters] set
                       [port-number] [disable|enable|var-name <int>] init
                       [port-number] [counters]
 PAS                   PAS <show|set|init> show [port-number] set
                       [port-number] [disable|enable|var-name <int>] init
 PORTSECShow           show port security info
 VALIDTASK_INFO        Display validation task info
 ENABLEPCMDS           Enable the rest of the P-command set
 statistics            Shows internal statistics.
 transceivers          Shows transceiver properties.
 jumbos                Shows jumbos information.
 LdbalGlobalDataShow   Diplay global data information
 LdbalSwitchEntryShow  Diplay info about other mesh switches
 LdbalPortDataShow     Diplay port information
 LDBALBCastmapshow     Displays the LdBal Broadcast Maps
 LDBALRTXStatsShow     Displays the Ldbal RTX Statistics
 LDBALRTXReset         Resets the Ldbal RTX high water marks
 LdbalNonMeshRcvMes... Diplay non-mesh ports that received a mesh packet
 KMS                   KMS <add|del|set> chain chain-name [set parameters]>KMS
                       <add|del|set> key chain-name key-id [set
                       parameteres]KMS show
 IPAMTImesliceshow     Show information about ipAddrmgr time slice.
 IPARTblshow           Show route desc tbl
 IPARCntshow           Show route desc counts
 IPAMArplistshow       Show IPAM ARPs
 IPAGWshow             Show gateways
 IPAOwnIpshow          Show Own IP table
 IPARadixshow          Show Radix table
 IPAREsolveroute       Resolve IP destination
 IPATunnelshow         Show Tunnel table
 IPAMEMShow            Show IPAM memory usage
 IPAIfTableshow        Show Interface table
 ipamShowTech          Show tech information for IP address manager master
 ipamConfigShow        IpAddrmgr configuration
 ipamCountersShow      Show IP master counters
 ipamHostCacheShow     Show master host cache memory usage and table
 ipamNbrNUDTimersShow  Walk and show nbr NUD timeout timer trees
 ipamRdTotalShow       Show Route table total counts
 ipamLogStats          Show IP Addr Mgr message stats
 ipamLogShow           Show IP Addr Mgr message log history
 ipamStatShow          Show IP Addr Mgr message stats
 ipamStatReset         Reset IP Addr Mgr message stats
 PORTMAPshow           Show the port mapping
 TICker                Display a ticker message
 IGMPTimershow         Information about all IP multicast group timers
 IGMPGroupshow         IP multicast group IP, MAC, and portset
 IGMPDelayedgroupshow  IGMP delayed group info
 IGMPVlanshow          Information about IGMP VLAN information
 IGMPCountershow       Information about IGMP counters
 IGMPProxyModDomain    Test command to create/modify a domain
 IGMPProxyAddVlan      Test command to associate a domain with a VLAN
 IGMPProxyRemoveDom... Test command to remove a domain
 IGMPProxyRemoveVlan   Test command to disassociate a domain with a VLAN
 IGMPProxyHashMemShow  Test command to display hash and memory use info
 IGMPProxyDomainShow   Test command to display Multicast Domains
 IGMPProxyVlanShow     Test command to display Multicast Vlans
 IGMPProxyEntryShow    Test command to display Multicast active proxy entries
 IGMPProxyTimerQShow   Test command to display proxy entries in the timer Q
 IGMPProxyGlobalShow   Test command to display Global proxy statistics
 IGMPProxyCISCOQuery   Test command to send Special CISCO query
 arpFlush              Clear the ARP cache
 IPshow                Display switch ip tables
 iputilCfgShow         Show config information for IP utils
 IPV4STATshow          Display statistics for IPv4 packets
 IPV4ERRORSTATshow     Display error statistics for IPv4 packets
 IPV6STATshow          Display statistics for IPv6 packets
 IPV6ERRORSTATshow     Display error statistics for IPv6 packets
 IPSYSSTATshow         Display IP MIB statistics
 ipIsRateLimitReach... Display rate limiting statistics for ICMP and broadcast
 RIPREDISTTRACEenable  Enable tracing of redist to RIP
 RIPREDISTTRACEdisa... Disable tracing of redist to RIP
 OSPFREDISTTRACEena... Enable tracing of redist to OSPF
 OSPFREDISTTRACEdis... Disable tracing of redist to OSPF
 TCPSTATshow           Display all statistics for the TCP protocol
 IPHPStatshow          Show more ip routing stats.
 nslookup              DNS lookup utility
 ipIfmShowState        Show info for IFM state machine
 ipXmitArpRequestTest  Test ip_xmit_arp_request
 ipXmitArpRequestFr... Test ip_xmit_arp_request_from_ip
 ipv6XmitTest          Test ipv6_xmit_ns_request
 ipShowTech            Show tech information for IP stack
 clsHwDenyHandlePri... Print all CLS deny handles
 clsHwAllPrint         Print all CLS HW list entries
 clsHwPoliciesPrint    Print CLS Policy HW list entries
 clsHwAclPrint         Print CLS ACL HW list entries
 clsPoolHandlePrint... Print CLS pool handles
 clsMemUsagePrint      Print CLS struct mgr memory usage
 clsToggleDebug        Toggle output of CLS platform dependent.
 clsRaclShow           Displays vlans with RACLs configured
 clsFunctionCounter... Print CLS function counters
 clsBttfCamShow        Print ACL content of CAM
 clsMcastTest          add/remove ipv6 mcast entry into the tcam
 cListClassModifyTest  Test routine for Class modification <className>
                       <addrFamily> <type> <action>
 cListEntryAddTest     Test routine for Adding a Policy <policyName>
                       <className> <seqNumber> <mirrorBits>
 cListShowList         Test routine for Show
 cListShowHitcount     Test routine to display hitcount
 cListEntryDeleteTest  Test routine for Deleteing a Classifier <Name>
                       <addrFamily> <seqNumber>
 cListEntryDisplay     Test routine to print cListEntry array
 cListEntryStopDisp... Test routine to stop print cListEntry array
 DHCPv6CSetTraceMask   Used to set the dhcpv6 client trace mask
 DHCPv6CEnable         Used to enable dhcpv6 client on a vlan
 DHCPv6CDisable        Used to disable dhcpv6 client on a vlan
 DHCPv6CLogThrottle    Used to enable/disable dhcpv6 client log throttling
 DHCPv6CMemStatsShow   Used to print memory statistics
 DHCPv6CConfigShow     Used to print runtime configuration
 DHCPv6CStatsShow      Used to print runtime statistics
 DHCPv6CStatsClear     Used to clear runtime statistics
 DHCPv6CVlanOper       Used to simulate Vlan operations
 UDPFSTATINFO          Display the Counters for UDP Forwarding and DHCP Relay
 RSAGENSTATUS          Display key generator status
 RSAGENSEM             Display key generator semaphore
 RSATRACE              Display key generator status
 RSAERRPRINT           Display key generator errors
 srcipShow             Display Source IP info (use "help" to see all cmds)
 SSHCtxtlist           Display complete context list
 SSHFdsetShow          Display ssh fd_set queues
 SSHGlobalShow         Dump ssh global data
 SSHSessionDump        Display session data
 SSHVersionString      Set version string
 httpShowSocketPool    Display HTTP socket pool
 httpdatatest          Uncompress HTML data and show
 httpauthtest          Send fake auth done message
 httpEwaShow           Show EWA server status
 GStateDisplay         Displays the garp state of the port
 GVRPPConfig           GVRP Port Configuration (Learn/Block/Disable)
 GVRPPState            GVRP Port State (RegState - Fixed/No/Normal)
 GVRPSTat              GVRP Statistics
 mstpShow              Display MSTP info (use "help" to see all cmds)
 mstpDbg               MSTP Debugger
 LOOPPROTECTshow       show internal loop protect information
 RDISCshow             Display router discovery status
 RDISCsendbcastsoli... Send a broadcast router solicit
 RDISCsendmcastsoli... Send a multicast router solicit
 rdiscTxTraceEnable    Enable display of pkts Tx by RDISC
 rdiscTxTraceDisable   Disable display of pkts Tx by RDISC
 rdiscRxTraceEnable    Enable display of pkts Rx by RDISC
 rdiscRxTraceDisable   Disable display of pkts Rx by RDISC
 webmacauthdefault     Clear web and MAC auth config records (all ports)
 macauthstart          Start MAC Auth
 macauthConfigshow     Show MAC auth config
 macauthstatusshow     Show MAC Auth status
 wmaDhcpShow           Show DHCP server status
 wmaEwaShow            Show EWA server status
 wmaDriverShow         Show WMA Dev Driver specific stats and configurations
 wmaDriverDebugEnable  Enable WMA Dev Driver debug printing
 wmaNetStat            Show NetStat content for the WMA VRF Instance
 autzShow              Display Authorization info (use "help" to see all cmds)
 syslogConfigShow      Display the syslog configuration
 syslogStatsShow       Display syslog stats
 mlshow                Display mac lockdown and lockout info
 hpespShow             Display HPESP info (use "help" to see all cmds)
 hplapShow             Display HPLAP info (use "help" to see all cmds)
 hplapDbg              HPLAP Debugger
 hpesp-boot            Set or restore boot parameters
 hpesp-root            access hpesp using pass-through with root privileges
 cdp_show              Show cdp packet information
 lldpShow              Show lldp information
 lldpRecordsClear      clear lldp neighbor information
 lldpClearCounters     clear lldp rx and tx counters
 lldpRpShow            Show lldp Radio Port information
 sntp_show             Show recent sntp status
 GPPCTablesShow        Display GPPC tables
 CFGSHOWINFO           Display all config instrumentation.
 CFGSHOWNODES          Display current node values.
 CFGSHOWCFG            Display current config values.
 CFGSHOWMEM            Display current memory values.
 CONFIGTest            Verify CLI generation/Xlate function
 FTRCOTESTRESTRICT     Sets bogus restrictions in Feature Coordinator.
 FTRCOEXPIRETEST       Tests Restriction Expiration in Feature Coordinator.
 RESETFeatureco        Delete all feature restrictions
 TESTVLANADRESSABIL... Test if VLAN interface is IP addressable
 TESTPORTSEC           Test if Port Security is ON/OFF
 TESTVidDelete         Test if Vlan deletetion restriction is applicable
 vtSetPort             lport < off | notify | throttle | block >
 vtSetTimeThresh       time_thresh (0-1000)
 vtSetDaHashWidth      hash_width (1-16)
 vtSetPenaltyTime      penalty_count (0-6)
 vtResetBlockedHost    vtResetBlockedHost
 vtShowPort            vtShowPort
 vtShowParams          vtShowParams
 vtShowBlocked         vtShowBlocked
 vtShowDelta           vtShowQueue
 vtShowTable           vtShowTable
 vtShowCounters        vtShowCounters
 vtResetCounters       vtResetCounters
 vtCheckTable          vtCheckTable
 DHCPCOUNTERSshow      Display dhcp counters
 DHCPv4PrintVendorS... Displays all vendor specific configurations on a vlan
 DHCPv4PrintOptions    Displays all DHCP options on a vlan
 DHCPCPrintHostname... Displays hostname specific configurations on a vlan
 MTMTraceMask          displays trace mask
 MTMSetTraceBit        sets trace bit (0-31)
 MTMClearTraceBit      clears trace bit (0-31)
 MTMVlanShow           diplays mtm info for all vlans or specified vlan
 MTMShow               diplays mtm info for mtm application
 MTMI6VBCEnable        runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlEnable(VLAN_t v)
 MTMI6VBCDisable       runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlDisable(VLAN_t v)
 MTMI6VBCFilterGrou... runs
                       IP6Ptr_t pGroup, PORT_MAP *pPM, boolean *pPending)
 MTMI6VBCFilterGrou... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterGroupRemove(VLAN_t
                       vlan, IP6Ptr_t pGroup)
 MTMI6VBCFilterGAddP   runs
                       IP6Ptr_t pGroup, LPORT_t port)
 MTMI6VBCFilterGRem... runs
                       IP6Ptr_t pGroup, LPORT_t port)
 MTMI6VBCFloodGroup... runs
                       IP6Ptr_t pGroup)
 MTMI6VBCFloodGroup... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFloodGroupRemove(VLAN_t
                       vlan, IP6Ptr_t pGroup)
 MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs
                       PORT_MAP *pPM)
 MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs
 MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs Mtm_IPv6VlanBridgeControlFilterUnknownAddPort(
                       VLAN_t, LPORT_t port)
 MTMI6VBCFilterUnkn... runs
                       LPORT_t port)
 MLDTraceMask          displays trace mask
 MLDSetTraceBit        sets trace bit (0-31)
 MLDClearTraceBit      clears trace bit (0-31)
 MLDVlanEnable         enables mld for a specified vlan
 MLDVlanDisable        disables mld for a specified vlan
 MLDGroupShow          shows group info for all vlans or specified vlan and
                       optional group
 MLDVlanConfigShow     shows protocols configuration variables
 MLDGroupDetailShow    shows group detailed info for a specified vlan and and
 MLDShow               shows mld application info
 MLDVlanShow           shows mld status for a vlan
 SSLDEFAULT            set SSL to out-of-box defaults
 SSLSHOW               Show SSL mib object values
 SSLMIBTEST            Test SSL MIB
 CERTMIBTEST           Test Cert MIB
 SSLDATA               Show SSL PCB data structure
 SSLCERT               Show SSL certificate
 SSLCAREQSHOW          Show CA request
 CERTCREATE            Create new certificate with dummy fields
 CERTSHOW              Show current certificate in memory
 CERTFLASHSHOW         Show saved certificate in flash (PEM bytes)
 CERTKEYCREATE         Create certificate key and save to flash
 CERTKEYFLASHSHOW      Show saved certificate private key in flash
 CERTNEWCERTMIBSHOW    Show contents of new cert mib object
 CLITOMIBDisplay       display CLI to SNMP objects

 boot                  Reboot the device.
 clear                 Clear table/statistics or authorized client public
 configure             Enter the Configuration context.
 copy                  Copy datafiles to/from the switch.
 debug                 Enable/disable debug logging.
 end                   Return to the Manager Exec context.
 erase                 Erase stored files.
 getMIB                Retrieve and display the value of the MIB objects
 kill                  Kill other active console, telnet, or ssh sessions.
 licenses              Manage premium features.
 log                   Display log events.
 page                  Toggle paging mode.
 print                 Execute a command and redirect its output to the device
                       channel for current session.
 redo                  Re-execute a command from history.
 reload                Warm reboot of the switch.
 rename                Change the name of the configuration OLDNAME to
 repeat                Repeat execution of a previous command.
 setMIB                Set the value of a MIB object.
 setup                 Enter the 'Switch Setup' screen for basic switch
 startup-default       Set the default configuration file.
 task-monitor          Enable the task monitoring of the specified feature.
 terminal              Set the dimensions of the terminal window.
 update                Enter Monitor ROM Console.
 upgrade-software      Enter a key to upgrade system software and enable
                       advanced features.
 walkMIB               Walk through all instances of the object specified
                       displaying the MIB object names, instances and values.
 write                 View or save the running configuration of the switch.

 chassislocate         Control the chassis locate led.
 dir                   Display a list of the files and subdirectories in a
                       directory on a USB device.
 exit                  Return to the previous context or terminate current
                       console/telnet session if you are in the Operator
                       context level.
 link-test             Test the connection to a MAC address on the LAN.
 logout                Terminate this console/telnet session.
 menu                  Change console user interface to menu system.
 ping                  Send IPv4 ping request(s) to a device on the network.
 ping6                 Send IPv6 ping request(s) to a device on the network.
 show                  Display switch operation information.
 telnet                Initiate an outbound telnet session to another network
 traceroute            Trace the IPv4 route to a device on the network.
 traceroute6           Trace the IPv6 route to a device on the network.

In summary the is quite nice to have all hidden commands under separate command line interface and it has it’s benefits compared to the usual “random hidden command here and there”.


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