ProCurve and HP E-Series hidden commands

Some vendors, like Cisco uses commands that are hidden, and undocumented. ProCurve has a complete command line interface mode with these commands and in this brief post, I will give you a glance of what everything can be found there. For this I used ProCurve/HP E-Series 3500 switch, on other platforms the commands can be different.

ProCurve/E-Series 3500 Switch hidden commands

ProCurve/E-Series 3500 Switch hidden commands

WARNING: These commands can have very negative effect on devices in production and I do not bear any responsibility for using these commands on your devices. Use at your own risk!

You can enter this mode by typing “edomtset” two times, on the second time a warning message will come out and the command prompts will change from “#” to “$”. The output behind was generated with typical “?”.

In summary the is quite nice to have all hidden commands under separate command line interface and it has it’s benefits compared to the usual “random hidden command here and there”.


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