[minipost] Windows partition editing with diskpart

This will really be a micro-post as I only want to document this for my benefit. This is a way how to change partition table for disks, or USB sticks. In my example, I had a linux live boot USB stick that I needed to quickly convert into a usable storage USB stick with NTFS under windows and of course the visual GUI tools under My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management was not having full visibility on all partitions that the linux created on this USB stick, so this is how to actually do partitioning on windows.

So without more delay, this is an example how to clean the USB stick partition table and reformat it for windows use:

  1. start command prompt as Administrator and type “diskpart”
  2. enter “list disk”
  3. enter “select disk X”, where X is the and number of your USB stick ( ergo “select disk 1” )
  4. enter “clean”
  5. enter “create partition primary”
  6. enter “select partition 1”
  7. enter “active”
  8. enter “format quick fs=ntfs”
  9. enter “assign”
  10. enter “exit”  to leave diskpart

In summary, short, but hopefully useful minipost for someone.

Peter Havrila , published on