Ping on You! – small weekend web/CGI project

After a few previous web programming endeavors (both here on with SDN programming and in real life job) I had a taste to develop “something” and since I am a network geek, I wondered what I have needed in the past as network tools that would ideally be placed on the internet. So I came to the very basic list of things like ping, nslookup or putty as tool accessible only via a browser.

So without more delay, I give you first beta release of Ping on You! – the list of current features is:

  • ping
  • nslookup
  • wget (for http response checks)
  • whois / ripe database

Here is a quick view how it looks when you try to ping google’s public DNS service on, since in the background a linux like ping tool is used, you have the same output:


Additionally, here are some features that I plan to do when I get more time, however no release date right now because there are much more complex than the above ones:

  • TCP port openings checks (no port-scan due my anti-DoS policy!)
  • proactive monitoring of target server online status (will send you email if target goes offline)
  • putty / SSH or telnet terminal via web browser

The is considered a quick geek tool for free, but as such I placed one or two ad banners to help fund the server it is running on, and also do not judge too harsh if something is not working as intended, as I mentioned this is a weekend work, and first much more scripted webpage from my side. Jump here to test it:


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