H3C and HP A-Series hidden commands

As I stumbled on E-Series hidden commands last time, on A-Series/H3C devices hidden commands will be presented in this short post on H3C 5800 L3 switch and on different models the outputs might be different.

To get to the H3C hidden command console, first enter the system-view and then enter command “_hidecmd”. This will display a warning and will enter a hidden command prompt.

System View: return to User View with Ctrl+Z.
Now you enter a hidden command view for developer's testing, some commands may
affect operation by wrong use, please carefully use it with our engineer's

In this command console, you can enter hidden commands that are now even visible with “?” function.

Hidecmd view commands:
  _bgp_display_debuginfo_detail  Cancel current setting
  _debugging                     Debug
  _device                        Device information
  _display                       Display driver modules information
  _drvplat                       drive platform moudal information
  _igmp-static-group             Generate many group membership protocol
                                 specific static-group routes
  _ip-check-source               IP
  _me-prl                        M-Ethernet packet rate limit
  _memory                        Memory operations
  _mld-static-group              Generate many group membership protocol
                                 specific static-group routes
  _mpls                          MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
  _reset                         Reset operation
  _set                           Set command or parameter
  _temperature-limit             _Set temperature limit
  _terminal                      Settings of terminal
  _test                          function test
  _usbtest                       Test on the USB host
  _write                         Write register

The commands do not really look interesting, but many of them go multiple levels deep, for example the “_reset” shown below that can probably kick someone from the vty session (pity I was on console now).

[HPSW2-hidecmd]_reset ?
  device       Device information
  mpls         MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
  tcp          TCP connection
  transceiver  Transceiver information

[HPSW2-hidecmd]_reset tcp ?
  local           Local host
  slot            Specify the slot number
  tcpcb           TCP control block
  user-interface  user terminal interface 

[HPSW2-hidecmd]_reset tcp local ?
  X.X.X.X  Host IP address

[HPSW2-hidecmd]_reset tcp user-interface ?
  INTEGER<0-44>  Specify one user terminal interface
  aux            Aux user terminal interface
  tty            Async serial user terminal interface
  vty            Virtual user terminal interface 

[HPSW2-hidecmd]_reset tcp user-interface vty ?
  INTEGER<0-15>  Specify one user terminal interface 

[HPSW2-hidecmd]_reset tcp user-interface vty 0 ?

[HPSW2-hidecmd]_reset tcp user-interface vty 0
 Clear TCP failed: The user-interface doesn't exist or doesn't have TCP

In summary, now I know how to access hidden commands on ProCurve and on H3C :). Hopefully I will not need it, but good to know.

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