Winter exams passed, classic game anyone?

So, today my last winter semester exam was passed. As I was home enjoying the feeling, I started to wander through my Firefox bookmarks to clean up the mess by deleting most of the “Might be useful but never revisited” bookmarks. But one of them suddenly sparked my interest.

The bookmark was pointing to a site called “Good old games” or And it is definitely a site worth visiting.

The point is simple:

  1. Take old classic games
  2. Create newer windows installers (XP, Vista, 7 compatible)
  3. Sell them cheaply

After registration, you get a few games for free (currently 3 adventure games and one arcade sim). But at least you can try how these games are modified and installed to your windows machine.

PS: The games are mostly unpacked with or without dosbox installation to the system and there is NO DRM!! You download, install to any number of computers you own and play. Re-download always possible for free.  I have to try moving the game directory to dosbox under my linux machine.

As I browsed the game catalogue I noticed a few classic gems of 90’s gaming. From those, that I do not already have (Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem 3D, OpenTTD, etc.. have their native ports or alternatives), I have pinpointed two games that are bound to my childhood. The game is “Blood” for 5.99USD and Freespace” for 9,99USD.

After watching the “Buy” button for 3 hours and playing with CiscoWebEx to waste time, I finally decided to buy “Blood” and enjoy an afternoon of mindless nostalgia.

The game is great, it uses the same engine that Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D used and the humor is great as well.

The Freespace is currently in my wishlist, although I think one game is enough for the time being…. work will not wait 😀

Peter Havrila , published on