U247 Submarine Model

Every little boy that I ever know got at least one of those small plastic models during his childhood. I was no exception, I remember at least 3 occasions where I got smal plastic model of a plane. However, as a child with no much sense for quality, I was satisfied by only gluing the plane together one way or another and that was it, no colors, not precise work.

The models were always broken or lost in the end …. probably typical when you put something so tiny and easy to break to a child.

But I had a small out of a blue idea lately when I was sick and was taking a sick leave from work. When I walked back home from a doctor visit, I was going near a toy shop and saw all these small models there … and with a sense of nostalgia and seeing that the small ones cost about 9 EUR each (1,6 EUR for one color), I bought a model of German WW2 submarine mine-layer. It is about 15cm long.

Here is the final piece after 3 days of work (1st day gluing, and two days of coloring).

Also one “work in progress” and also censored as I used some old documentation as glue cover.

PS: I bought a submarine as a tribute to my high school playtime with Silent Hunter 3.



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