[minipost] ArmA2 – GLT_F16Mod wreck compatibility workaround

This article is directly related to the Malden Domination mission for ArmA2 CWR2 mod where I added the F16 mod to extend the plane selection. However this F16 mod has one wreck incompatibility that has to be addressed directly by this workaround.

*for GLT_F16 mod there was an issue inside this mod that didn’t spawned plane wrecks properly causing that the plane was unable to go through the wreck repair or even wreck deletion from the map and I had to edit the mode pbo itself to create a workaround. As this is hopefully temporary and I cannot host the whole mod here, this is a quick and simple guide how to modify the @GLT_F16 mod (best download from Six Updater).

Steps to modify F16 mod into workable wrecks:

Step1. Unpbo the glt_f16.pbo file so that you have this file converted to a “glt_f16” directory.

Unpacked glt_f16.pbo as "glt_f16" directory

Step2. Go to directory glt_f16/src/ where you will find a file wrecker.sqf and open this file with notepad you will find this script:

Step 3. Change it to this:

Step 4. Convert the directory “glt_f16” back to file glt_f16.pbo overwriting the original file and you are DONE! Wreck should now work correctly.

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