X-mas Malden edition of CWR2 ArmA Domination

To start the true Christmas atmosphere, let’s start with a classical Xmas Carol! Then I will show you my new Xmas themed variation on the Malden CWR2 Domination mission for ArmA2.

Xmass Domination Main Building

Xmas Domination Event Building

Now that we all are in the mood, let me provide you with something to do with it. As some might now about my tinkering with the normal Malden Domination mission (more info here), I recently played a lot with the environmental effects and also the incoming Christmas sparked an idea in my head that I should try to combine the these ingredients. So I present you the CWR2 Malden Domination mission in – Xmas edition.


  • Classical Xmas Carol inside the game to set the mood right at the beginning.Also if you visit the x-mass tree, you get to hear it again.
  • Non-stop snowing/fog effect and cloud cover (fixed the original winter weather in some minor bugs for this)
  • A place to hang out during the cold holiday nights with friends (and some ladies!)
  • Xmas presents for all, hidden under the tree! But be careful, if you will be naughty to the ladies, Santa will take them away from you!
  • Tweaked the default starting parameters for maximum Xmas mood (winter weather, no flares in cities, start at 18:00pm), I recommend trying these at least once before changing them.
  • All other characteristics compatible with the usual 12e version of my Malden CWR2 Domination (more info here).




Xmass CWR2 Malden Domination - 1

Xmas CWR2 Malden Domination – 1

Xmass CWR2 Malden Domination - 2

Xmas CWR2 Malden Domination – 2

Xmass CWR2 Malden Domination - 3

Xmas CWR2 Malden Domination – 3

Xmass CWR2 Malden Domination - 4

Xmas CWR2 Malden Domination – 4

Xmass CWR2 Malden Domination - 5

Xmas CWR2 Malden Domination – 5

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