ArmA2 Domination Mission – CWR2 Malden edition version 12g [18th December 2013]

Ever wanted the Domination co-op mission with the nostalgia of old Operation Flashpoint island of Malden from CWR2 mod, well I used a little random scripting skills and ported one created by Xeno/DeamonCleaner to Malden. You need ArmA2 with Operation Arrowhead addon with CWR2 mod. All links are in the bottom of this blog post.

Domination 1985 Malden Edition
Domination 1985 Malden Edition

Someone named Xeno made an excellent series of coop/mp missions ever since ArmedAssault (ArmA1) and the success continued till today as Domination missions are one of the most played missions on ArmA2 multiplayer now. So when another great mod was released called CWR2 (Cold War Reloaded) that brought the original islands and units of the original Operation Flashpoint from the 80’s cold war era back to the ArmA2 engine, the Domination mission was ported to island called Everon and CWR2 theme by another mod creator called DeamonCleaner(DC).


Porting to island Malden

For me as someone with original OperationFlashpoint(OFP) nostalgia, I remembered the days of the year 2000 when first OFP demo was released with a few missions on island called Malden. I was thrilled, at that time even the possibility to ride various equipment in open environment was a technical marvel, so I was stunned and the island Malden stayed in my memories. It was also my favorite for multiplayer games when I played some capture the island coop games with my cousin. Now I wanted to do something on this island again and I already knew about the Everon Domination version, so I figured that I finally learn some scripting for ArmA2.


All right, I am not yet scripting guru, but I done my homework on scripting and placed some nice tweaks (IMHO) to the mission instead of just porting the same mission to new island. The following part will give a quick overview of the overall mission and then describe progress based on previous versions of this mission in reverse chronological order.

Basic gameplay characteristic

All that Xeno in Domination and DC in Everon 1985 version created is more or less maintained. The mission is coop in conquering the island by capturing towns and in parallel completing random missions across the island. Both task completions is giving vehicle rewards to the team.

Version 12g

  • NEW FEATURE: New selectable mission parameter allowing you to have choose if you want radio towers destroyable not only by satchels, but by anything. Enabling anything to destroy them hides their map marker so that at least you have to find them and not only point an artillery on them.
  • BUGFIX: I finally found what causes the OverChargers original verion to have so many fuel/repair vehicles on main targets and not much combat units, this was fixed and the main targets are now much more interesting with armor combinations.
  • BUGFIX: Added new M2A2 vehicle to both enemy units combinations (if you play east), and bonus vehicles (if you play for west).

Version 12e

  • NEW FEATURE: New selectable mission parameter allowing you to have ArmA2 rifles available (including Javelin), by default it is off as this is still 1985 CWR2 and I want this mission to be primary still good old 1985 CWR2 and no any modern warfare toys playfield, but if someone wants to have some fun change, it is available for you. No Arrowhead weapons btw as desert skins are definitely out of touch with Malden.
  • UPDATE: Integrated zorilya’s Garrison Script 1.5.2 to have even better in buildings town battles.
  • BUGFIX: Some more bugfixes in two Side Missions + two missions enhanced.
  • BUGFIX: Additional fixes by OverCharger synchronized to all east/west versions.

Version 12c

  • BUGFIX: Some critical bugfixes in two Side Missions.
  • Vanilla AN2 is now drop plane for east.

Version 12a

  • UPDATE: Integrated zorilya’s Garrison Script 1.4 to have even better in buildings town battles.
  • UPDATE: Added CWR2 Demo4 Russian V80 Gunship to missions.

NOTE: Redefined Malden mission versions requirements. Now no other addons than CWR2 Demo4 needed for basic WEST/EAST versions. F16 and Mig15 mod needed for WEST_F16 version.

Version 11c

  • BUGFIX: Mission modified for new CWR2 Demo 4 that was released.
  • NEW FEATURE: Integrated zorilya’s Garrison Script 1.3 to have this excellent ability of soldiers to hide inside buildings (always some portion of the main target infantry groups).
  • BUGFIX: CWR2 east soldier group definition was wrong that caused main targets to be only guarded by Spetsnatz and no normal soldiers was fixed.

Version 10b

  • EAST version available!
  • again Fixed side mission selection bug that caused only several missions to be selected instead of all available.
  • Added automatic removals of plane created craters to not block airport runway from plane/helicopter wrecks
  • Main targets radio tower now needs only 2-3 satchel charges to be destroyed instead of 6-7 previously.

Version 09c

  • NEW FEATURE: Created and added OFP/CWR2 soundtrack player to the “Status Dialog”,  when activated the original OFP 16 track playlist is played in random order indefinitely to get the best OFP 1985 atmosphere in coop. (NOTE: See picture below to find “Music ON”/”Music OFF” buttons)
  • Made the base defense structures invincible (bunkers/trenches/lamps/hangars) to avoid having not-functional and/or bad looking base just from a few enemy helicopters crashing somewhere.
  • Base defenses now consists of 1xM1A1, 1xVolcan, 1xAvenger,1xM113. All with indefinite ammo and if destroyed will re-spawn in around 5minutes.
  • Added the newly released CWR2 SCUD launcher to one of the side missions where you have to destroy it before it launches the rocket.
  • Added wreck indicators when destroyed to all initial equipment I added to the base for atmosphere/usefulness/fun like Camel and Mig15 planes, all civilian cars and T34s on base and so on. This will solve the issue of having trouble to find you mig15 when it is shot down for wreck repair.
  • The base was completely re-aranged to enable AI controlled takeoff/landing/taxi to be without issues and also in the taxi way the “plane service point” will rearm passing AI planes.
  • New mission variation: From this version, I tried to incorporate F16 addon (this plan was deployed since 1974 so not impact on 1985 atmosphere) and because for this I had to modify the addon itself to work with the wreck repair system, this version is released as a stand alone download until the guys behind F16 addon make the addon wreck generating script ArmA2 standards compatible. More info at behind the F16 picture.

 Update 08

  • fixed several small mission issues fixed
  • small re-arranged the base to allow AI airport traffic (was obstructed by all the other stuff on the airport). NOTE: You should probably get bonus Air Vehicles out of hangars before putting AI pilot inside!
  • changed the L39 plane to Mig15 addon pack (see requirements/credits), these planes are really great and also not so powerful to change the mission balance much.
  • fixed bonus air spawning pointing to the inside of hangar

Update 05

  • fixed hangar bonus AIR spawns (some were point inside the hangar – problem getting plane out)
  • added some stupid initial defenses to the base to avoid base occupation when playing with minimum player count (2x M1A1; 1xVulcan)

Update 04 (first public release)

  • Ported a few more original Domination missions version 2.60 (again special thanks to Xeno!) to Malden island from CWR2 mod that were not used in original Domintation Everon – 1985 edition.
  • Added a few not game-play damaging equipment that is available on base from the start. Mig15, West/East Camels and a pair of T34 can now be found on base by default (wreck repair compatible).


Xeno – Original Domination Mission Code
DeamonCleaner – Everon/CWR2 1985 edition
Mig15 planes – Volksturm & Bdf – Converted to Arma 2 by PROTOTYPE 001, -Martin-, Richard Thorne & VictorFarbau
GLT F16 planes – Myke, Footmunch
zorilya Garrison Script 1.4
ZerXen – Malden island port + some features added


Domination Malden 1985 East edition by Xeno/DC/Zorilya/ZerXen (version 12g)
Domination Malden 1985 West edition by Xeno/DC/Zorilya/ZerXen (version 12g)

(update delayed for the F16 including version – use previous 12e version for the time being)
Domination Malden 1985 West edition with Mig15 and F16 mod by Xeno/DC/Zorilya/ZerXen (version 12e)


Classic version:
– ArmA2 Combined Operations (ArmA2 + Operation Arrowhead)
CWR2 Mod (homepage)

*F16 version:
Mig15 pack ( link)
GLT_F16 mod (there are wreck incompatibility issues that can be solved by following my how-to here)


Pictures from version 11b:

CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 11b

Pictures from version 09c:

CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 09c
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 09c
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 09c - MUSIC ON/OFF PLAYER
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 09c – MUSIC ON/OFF PLAYER

Pictures from version 09c with F16:

CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 09c with GLT F16 mod
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 09c with GLT F16 mod

Pictures from version 08:

CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 08
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 08
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 08
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 08
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 08
CWR2 Dom2.60 ZX version 08

Pictures from version 05:

Domination Malden 1985 edition 1
Domination Malden 1985 edition 1
Domination Malden 1985 edition 2
Domination Malden 1985 edition 2
Domination Malden 1985 edition 3
Domination Malden 1985 edition 3
Domination Malden 1985 edition 4
Domination Malden 1985 edition 4



Peter Havrila , published on


  1. I absolutely love the OFP soundtrack player you added there, what a nostalgia for good old cold war atmosphere in OFP (or ArmA: Cold War Crisis as it is called now).

  2. Funny what can happen if you’re looking for a d/l link of an old mission that you were working on… Hi Peter! You probably know me as DC. I’m happy that someone found the Domination conversion to CWR2 useful. I’ve had to leave it the state you picked it up back then due to time constraints. It’s good to see that it’s evolving. I kinda feel about Everon like you do about Malden. I can still remember myself back in the days with no JIP and permadeath, running around scared like hell thinking “Come on it’s a game, shake it off! – Oh no … 1 is down”.

    Even more funny is that I’m a networks guy myself. I’m a CCNP Voice working on my CCIE Voice. Just like you I’m taking it slowly as the associated costs are ramping up quickly as does the amount of time that goes into preparation. Nobody really wants to fail that practical exam (although there’s one retry included as I’ve heard). I’m also holding some other certifications like an ACP-N (ACME Packet) and some other Cisco Specialist certs like the UCCX Specialist. Like you I’m also a long time Linux user (LPI 2 certified).

    Anyway it’s nice to have found this website. I’ve enjoyed the Mikrotik QoS Prioritization Example btw. Drop me a mail sometime maybe we can play some CWR2 at some point.


  3. Well hello DC,

    I must admit I do not check comments on this blog often, but yours really got me when I found it just now. Mostly because there are not many real ones to check here on this still “low traffic blog” (only those that spam filters capture).

    But many thanks for noticing me, well appreciated. I am not really playing ArmA online (mostly that I always miss having powerful enough dedicated server for it) nor the time to be active in any clan. Maybe one day I will send you that email when I manage to get one online or “Raspberry PI model #12” will have the power.

    Until then, and till the CWR2 guys will keep releasing stuff, I will have things to improve. I am actually thinking of thematic Nogova Resistance Domination right now, but I wonder when I will get the time for something like this.

    Again many thanks for your comment,

    Best regards,

  4. Hi, still playing your wonderful CWR2 Domis with my friends. I´m glad that you are thinking a Resistance version.

    1. Hello Felipe,

      I am glad you like it, I started working on the Nogova/Resistance version, but didn’t had time to finish it for various reasons. But I have a playable classical West/CWR2@Domination migrated to CWR2 Nogova , including new side missions. You can grab it here if you wish: cwr2_dom2_60_west_co_ze12f.noe.pbo

      But keep in mind this version is not as much “polished” and tested version compared to the Malden version.


  5. The resistance version on Nogova is almost ready. I’m just triyng to find some error that prevents the camouflage appears when the HQ is deployed.

    1. Res version ready. About de camo net, I found the script and add the resistance side.
      Please tell me how to change the intro music. I´ll like to put resistance music.

      1. Hello Felipe,

        Honestly I do not know that information out of my head, I was very busy for the last two months and only now came back to this web to check comments. What I can quickly recommend is to start using a text editor (PSPad?) that can search multiple files for a text string and search for all “play” / “music” combinations in all the mission sqf files to locate from which file the intro music is played.

        PS: The little free time I had (the part of free time where girlfriend is not included) I spent with the new Wargame, ArmA will wait a little 😉

        With regards,

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