HelloRoute is a portable TCP/IP visualization software based on SNMP protocol that was designed to help network engineers or consultants to quickly visualize and draw logical topology and/or present other usefull information about the network.

HelloRoute can provide assistance with:

  • First or preliminary mapping of network when troubleshooting
  • Documentation maitenance (topology can be saved to a file, XML support in progress)
  • Troubleshooting routing and connectivity issues

HelloRoute uses SNMP protocol to get all the needed information from networking devices and uses IETF standardized MIBs (Management Information Base) to be compatible with network equipment from various vendors.

Current features of HelloRoute ALPHA:

  • SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 support (including SNMPv3 security with encryption and authentification)
  • Usage of standardized MIBs from IETF (ALFA version requires only MIB-2 support from network devices)
  • Automatic TCP/IP topology model calculation and visualization
  • Fully interactive

You will be able to download free limited alfa version of this tool via “Download” section as soon as it reach atleast a bit stable version.

To get a glimpse of what HelloRoute does, you can look to the HelloRoute ALFA presentation blogpost or you can search the archive for HelloRoute cathegory of blogposts