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This blog is dedicated to networking technologies, interesting technlogy stuff and or things one person (me) considers interesting while working in the IT industry.

About myself:

My name is Peter Havrila and I live in Slovakia (Slovak Republic) in central Europe.

I ended Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Networking. While still at university, I have worked part-time in the networking industry as administrator, supporting and consulting for smaller companies and later moved to the bigger ones as Networking courses Instructor and partially consultant (GTEC, Cisco Network Academy). As a Cisco Networking Academy Instructor on the university ground, I had the opportunity to become part of a small research group even as an undergraduate. I think this gave me quite a good understanding of how to play with technology on the research level and later this research interest resulted in a few publications of my own and as a part of that research group. Although I have not yet decided if I want to invest all the years to get a PhD, I am still thinking of getting one later. Unfortunately the decision will depend on my financial situation as well as this is not a financially sane thing to do in central europe right now.

Currently I work as a Network Engineer/Architect for Hewlett-Packard as one of the biggest technology companies out there and it is a work that I so far enjoy.

With networking there is mostly the word “Cisco” involved. As for myself, I have obtained quite a lot of experience with Cisco networking equipment and also a bunch of Cisco certifications including (CCNA, CCNA Security, CCAI, CCNP, CCDP and CCIP) but in the last year I moved much more in the “multi-vendor” direction as Cisco is stagnating and many interesting technologies are becoming available in the networking world from other vendors that really cannot be ignored. I have looked at Juniper/Checkpoints/F5 and also Hewlett-Packard and also got some HP Networking certifications up to HP Networking Masters ASE (or MASE). But jokes aside, despite all the Cisco stuff on my resume, I still like Linux, programming and also I play with Atmel AVR micro-controllers and build plastic models as hobby from time to time.

Also note that despite considering to pursue CCIE in the past (young and naive), I am no longer interested in becoming that much a console monkey of one company. These days I rather learn on software based networks (vmware NSX style) a coursera.org course on Neural Networks / Financial Engineering / Operating System Kernels / Cloud Systems or my favorite Software Defined Networking than learn how to become fast and streamlined in one way of thinking about problems. Life is short, learn things that matter in general, especially with SDN is on a path to kick all the CCIE guys out of work in 10 years anyway with their super-fast CLI skills 😉

My interests in general are Networking, Linux, Cloud orchestration technologies, AVR micro-controller programming and lately a little trying to do some model buildings and get better in  tennis (and this ugly blog) I also pretty much remained keen to play some simulation video games from time to time, so expect some blog posts from this areas as well to kill the professional look of this blog a little.

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